Western Scotland    -    Oct 2002

Assorted Pics

choo-choo.jpg (59069 bytes) conor-bored.jpg (291445 bytes) bob-with-hat.jpg (146907 bytes) bridge.jpg (126356 bytes)
  • Old Steam Railway, Fort William Area
  • Hmm, I just love having my pic taken
  • Guess who got a hat ;)
  • Nice old rail bridge in Killen
ahhh-scenery.jpg (57475 bytes) conor-looking at gem in a whole.jpg (144280 bytes) Blackness Castle.jpg (48568 bytes) cow-starring.jpg (126663 bytes)
  • Nice rolling countryside, just like Holland hasn't
  • Me starring into a whole, as u do
  • yeah, another castle, is there no end to them ??
  • ever been out starred by a cow ? most off putting, still hes probably a steak somewhere now.....
killen.jpg (314172 bytes) gem2.jpg (96198 bytes) gem.jpg (134826 bytes) Gemma @ blackness castle.jpg (56405 bytes)
  • Nice river setting in Killen, North Scotland somewhere
  • Gem on the bridge a Killen
  • Gem
  • and another one of Gem... funny that
gem in a hole.jpg (258040 bytes) now thats nice.jpg (91357 bytes) pub-well-ok-so.jpg (95553 bytes) rob-roys-grave.jpg (129976 bytes)
  • Gem in the hole i am starring into above...
  • why can't we live somewhere like that ?
  • a Pub.... oh alright then, but just the one...
  • Rob Roys Grave....
scottish-rail.jpg (87450 bytes) sterling-castle.jpg (77124 bytes) stones.jpg (139689 bytes)
  • Look its that old Steam choo, choo again ;)
  • Sterling Castle, nothing says Feck off like a big castle
  • More stones.... don't ask