Right .. he's now legging around the place and getting some words (18+ months) more pictures should be scanned soon!

ETA for baby was 22 January 1998. Baby decided to delay a bit as he was a bit too comfortable but on Saturday 31 January he arrived at 2:30 in the morning. That day flags and winkels were flying, celebrating also Queen Beatrix's birthday here in the Netherlands. (LUcky he wasn't a girl!)

Well, here he is, meet Daire.


The birth? Well it was an excellent experience for us. Daire was born at home, in our sitting room. Tieneke Reichart came as midwife as our own (Nelleke Elferink) was taking a holiday.

Fionnuala, James and Daire

Oh! Wat mooi! Fionnuala, James and Daire, een kleine gezin. Gezellig!

Wet Kitten
Before wash.
Sleepy Kitten

Gratuitous Daire pictures at xs4all! Closed down.

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