Nov 2002 Well he's cooked french bread tonight. Has chopped carrots and onions and garlic and suchlike for me too. I was quite impressed. First chopping pieces were way too big but he worked on them all and then they were perfect.
He's getting on excellently in school, quite a happy chap. Irish dancing and PE and library on wednesdays. Speech & Drama on Mondays. For halloween he had a string of rhymes and some songs he had learned.

or D in tiger costume for Halloween D, Fionn and Kate on couch

June 2002 Daire's getting big. St Olaf's. school starting this september. Soccer mad. Loves the farm in Cobh. Gets up early and wakes us up for work almost every day. I'm not keeping up with pictures at all at all. he can crack eggs (without getting shells in the mix

Sep 1998 Goodbye from Daire

Er was en klein wijsneus uit de Kangaroe in Huizen,
Daire heet hij en speelt hij soms met muizen!
Met kicken de kindjes en trekken lange haar,
Had hij geen eender, kampion was hij daar.

"En waar is mij kinderstoel, speelgoedkast en beer?
Som schorrienorrie heeft alles gestolen, ik wil het niet meer!"
"Alles zijn en Ierland bij onze nieuw huis,
Naar Dublin zijn jij meubles, jij speelgoed en jij muis."

"Bwaawbwawbwaaa" zegt Daire, "wat zegt u Mam?
Wij gaan naar Ierland? Hoe kan dat dan?
Weg van mij vriendjes, en Loes en iedereen?
Komen zij naar Ierland ook, bij schip en bij trein?"

"Nee Daire" zegt Mam, "zij blijft wonen hier,
Nieuw vriendjes zal jij hebt en Ierland, nog een keer.
Zallen wij stuur brieftjes en soms photos naar iedereen,
En terug zal je komt in de toekomst mischeen."

Maar nu gaan wij naar Ierland, tot ziens iedereen,
Success met alles, we'll see you again.

Right, well, here ye go, old.

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Shiny happy Baby

Daire looks at Daddy with camera and attempts an imitation. Oi! funny-nose!

The mathematician, the philosopher.

Life is .......... sigh.
Yes, Adele is VERY blonde!
"I am the monster lizard-spawn of Omih-tar, guardian of these stairways, Sssssssssssss."

"Heeeeeellllllppppppp! Carrots!"
"Vive le France! Vive le Revolution! Nous bebes sommes tous le monde a conquerment!"
Derr ner der ner, twing, wong plink!
My people, I love you!
Le portecutatio en le manche! Comme travail! Duomo vous!
Sheila and Daire, I'm not sure what they're doing but someone seems to have glue on their fingers!
Brontanas uit Ierland, the packing is by far the tastiest!

Older photos

Fionnuala, James and Daire Oh! Wat mooi! Fionnuala, James and Daire, een kleine gezin. Gezellig!

About 5 minutes after being born. 3.5kg and 53ish cm long. That's Tieneke the midwife who's holding him up.

And this is all of us with our Krammzorg Regina, she came for the whole week after the bevalling. She cleaned, cooked, ironed, minded Daire and had a good time :).

Mr Devins inveigled into a hangmat with Daire Ronan and Daire all bundled together in a hangmat. In Baarn.

Waider, James, Robbie, Fionnuala, Bronagh and one BIG pint of Guinness in Waider's flat in Dublin Waider, James, Robbie, Fionnuala, Bronagh and one BIG pint of Guinness in Waider's flat in Dublin. Can you see Daire?

Tulips from .... Ireland! Well, yes, I know we're in the Netherlands but here's Mary-Teresa in the farm in Cobh in the middle of lots 'n lots of pretty tulips. Daire's Great-Grandmothers house is in the background, we used live in it when we were smaller before we swapped houses with our Grandparents and went to live on the farm itself.

Hoi! Kijk! Jeroen ag damhsadh? Oh, sorry Jeroen, Win95 chopped off your bodies :(.

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