Clean-up day 2007 and Tidy Districts

Tiday Districts doc, page of text and photos. Warning BIGish. TDCommunityPage.odt (4.7M) TDCommunityPage.pdf (5.2M)

Tidy District's poster (A1 size, warning! BIG!) TDCommunitySheet.pdf (3.5M) TDCommunitySheet.sla TDCommunitySheet.svg
Done with inkscape and scribus
The sla and svg are without pictures.

more photos of Green clean-up day

BeforeAndAfter.odt (6.3M)
BeforeAndAfter.pdf (6.3M)
AfterPhotos.odt (1M)
AfterPhotos.pdf (1M)
CandyflossGroup.pdf (2.8M)

Trees on Green

Collecting information for maybe an eco walk for kids and for tidy districts.

By Fionn: NaturalHabitat.odt

Wow! have a big doc with lots of relevant environment info for environmental impact statement for Luas works going from Sandyford: Area 13

Sycamore of course but actually not as much as you would think. A good few ash. Hawthorn and blackthorn and gorse. There is definately some Alder, Willow and Birch too. There is maybe a different Birch - though it looks like Beech - but I should recognise Beech no problem and this isn't quite right.

Found some plums and a hazel bush. Fear for the plums with the pigeons! Not sure what type. Yellow at start July.

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