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Holland Hilversum, arts? The Pillow Book Il Postino Romeo and Juliet by Baz Luhrmann at RomeoandJuliet.com. with Lucent guys to see The Empire Strikes Back, the fixedup but not remade version. With a black Emperor T-shirt.



The Crow with Brandon Lee in Rafe's place

Last Man StandingCool western moderney/old shoot'emup. Remake of an Akira Kurosawa film with Bruce Willis with Waider & his sister & to student pub afterwards.

a good few films with various gangs, Virgin/Stillorgan

The Ormonde, Stillorgan, with scouts The Lion King

Broken leg on TV series of cool Japanese Films by Akira Kurosawa and some other Japanese directors. Yume ... aka Akira Kurosawa's Dreams with Akira Terao?
Some old samurai ones with actor? Shichinin no samurai ... aka The Magnificent Seven ... aka The Seven Samurai Sengoku burai ... aka Sword for Hire Samurai .... Tsuruchiyo Niino ... aka Samurai Assassin Rashomon ... aka In the Woods Kumonosu jo ... aka Castle of the Spider's Web ... aka Cobweb Castle (1957) ... aka Macbeth (1961/II) (USA) ... aka Throne of Blood (1957)
Saw this one later in holland on TV also: Hell in the Pacific with Toshir Mifune

UL/Analog Jurassic Park

not many when young 1st ever E.T.

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