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Tue/Wed I skip the DART. Up with kids in morning. Wed eve visit physio - grand - end Aug call. And swim. Good moment with butterfly. Some good moments front crawl. Find if getting out of breath can reduce it to 3 strokes or two.

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sun Walk with Kate to John and Carly's house. Well. To field. Go through gap and big weeds/thorns. Ella new chair. Fix puter. Another miracle. Restart restart restart reinstasll plug in and leave in for long time, listen for swapping, allow it to report unknown device, found drivers, error with device, then drop webcam stem on floor and pull out/reinsert at right moment seems to be the secret install method. Carly feeds us noodles. Yum. Kate & I head down and have another tea.

sat tent ? wedding Robbie & Sandra.

inished Gunslinger book finally ! After collapsing asleep on it a couple of times - urk :7

Try writing C++ proggie to do sudoku while tired :) Camel game port to linux

mtwtf - builders, in dub, ... ? swim, cycle ? visit EBS with morgage forms (get form from Simtel Wed) (phoned Simtel a few times, got email sent Monday weirdly delayed not delivered till friday). ? BBQ with musical people in Dermot and Derval's house. Daire in camp. Glenalbyn with Conor and Emma. Share lifts with Assumpta. Friday collect Daire, drive Cobh. Leave Maeve and Fionn in Dublin

Tuesday visit physio. physio actually has a cause of the problem identified I asked chiro lots of questions and ... he didn't really answer the physio kindof answered them all without asking. Talks lots more Root cause theory is that muscles in middle of back on rhs are weaker - shoulder and leg muscles stronger - pelvis shifts with the weak area.

ss - ?

We visit Bray Honda Center with Fionn, Maeve and Kate. Walk into Bray. Get shoes for Fionn. Get fruit. Honda Bros 400s. Hmmm. Maybe.

missing lots of entries but many days busy busy busy Builders digging holes, filling them in. Building, digging/bashing holes in built stuff, filling in. etc...

finish waider's gunslinger book

Getting of driving licence

Stoustrup C++ and Camel game port to linux C++ practice.


Kate gets chicken pox, has last day in creche. Later Maeve gets chicken pox. Can't go visit Cobh with them still.

Residents 17storey tower protests. ?? and on M50 opening.

Visit chiro 3 tuesdays in row after weekend wrecked poor back.

Swimming lessons end and swimming lengths with slightly different people restarts. Night of last lesson 3 of us go to pub. ANd I go on in to Doolin dinner after.

Visit to Cobh

Trinh's sisters visit and we go on walk in Dalkey - coast, up hill, to Eoghan and Mary BBQ. Tire everyone out!

Visit Brian and Trinh, bring them mover, electrocute self and feel very awake. Changing plug of plugged in cable. In socks on wooden floor. Brian and I passed plug between us with screwdrivers so both made mistake of assuming was plugged out - doh! Cut grass front, get fed. Cut long grass at back.

Wed 6th driver theory test Cycle in. Bit early. Start trial. Oop test starts. One Q wrong. Post off cert and all rest of proviosinal application.

Sat 2nd/Sun 3rd Get lift with Eoghan and Niall. Stag in Carlow. Drive. Paintball. Pub. Accomodation. Carlow - pub - grub - pub - nightclub - wanderisngs drunken - grub. walk. sleep. Breakfast wanderings. Driven home.

Fri 1st phone up and get driver theory test cancellation.

Thur jun 30 last day in doolin. RRB finished - don't have to do it. Just as well! Finish SMS engine design doc. Packing a bit. Out with back sore a couple of days. Sitting at desk is a real killer with it. I lie down often, ... but when get into zone concentrating I wake up with very sore back and can't stand straight. Lie on floor and spinal twists help. ow ow ow ... still cycle each day and swim on wed. swim feels good

Wreck back weekend chop down eucalyptus, dig plants up in garden - in preparation for builders coming. And row boat. Meet Pauline. Crack front panel. EEp caught on fishing line, in fisher people's way. Eep inadvisable landing waves washing us into concrete holey shore.

Other days off for interviews.

before - sending out CV - responding. Havok - Google - Simtel/CommProve - Amazon - CPL people for contracting Telephone and real interviews. Really very very busy with RRB project in Doolin and also get SMS Engine design docs done near end.

Kate to Myles's and Eimear's girls party.

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Thu Jun 02

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Real spring mix days - windy (no windsurfing for me but hear lots on windsurf list) rain showers mixed up with sun. long weekend to Limerick and Cobh. Work late Fri before heading. Also when come back. Release Wed. some after dinner time in April Daire likes jokes. I'm hilarious. Fionnuala even contributes! what do you call James Bond with his head stuck in a bucket? trouble-oh-seven what do you call James Bond .... in a bath? bubble-oh-seven after two days in the wilderness? stubble-oh-seven (Fionnuala laughs! :) ) hubble-oh-seven puddle-oh-seven muddle-oh-seven duffle-oh-seven Reading distracted. Wisdom of crowds but tired and I end up reading a graham greene - the human factor. And The Navigator - expedition to find lost island. Pacific Islander culture a little. Grrrr. cars annoying crossing road to gallops A couple of days. Sometimes Kate very tired when collecting from creche. Once very cross on back of bike. Another day soon after very careful. We pick fluffy dandelion heads lots on way home. At home I explode - well not quite but am cross.
TODO: find out do cows yawn? evolutionary yawning - why is yawning contagious?

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