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14 dec 1999 Thur 16/17 feb 2000
alt="Your browser understands the <APPLET> tag but isn't running the applet, for some reason known not by me, ask it, ask your firewall, don't ask me." Your browser is completely ignoring the <APPLET> tag! Bummer. .... as would say the Bear in the big blue house.
The source.

Every time I come back to this I forget how to compile :-7

set path=c:\jdk1.2.2\bin\;%path%


Java from sun. docs jdk 1.1 api Language Spec javasoft


HTML Guide netscape tag reference Meta tag HTTP-EQUIV reference/ html4.0


Java/Javascript references from Sun/Netscape: JavaScript Guide search?Javascript+Guide

28 Feb 2000
new2java Trail: Writing Applets Lesson: Practical Considerations when Writing Applets Security Restrictions Working with a Server-Side Application A Simple Network Client Applet

Baked MudClient horrific plain-HTML client