Well we'd a fantastic day! :) Much thanks to the hard work put in by my beloved Fionnuala. Very happy we are it all went so well and people enjoyed themselves. Even the staff in the restaurant were complimenting us on how lovely our guests were! :)

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Date, Time and Location:

Tuesday, September 30 3.30pm

The Office of the Registrar,
Sir Patrick Duns Hospital,
Lwr Grand Canal St.

followed by a reception
in The Schoolhouse Hotel,
2-8 Northumberland St.,

And dinner in The Schoolhouse at 7.00pm

The registry office is quite close to the canal end of Lwr. Grand Canal St. The schoolhouse is very close. Walk to the canal, follow it one block and the Schoolhouse is on the corner across the bridge.

The Schoolhouse Hotel & Restaurant have a map. (01) 6144733 Daragh (087) 8053199