list of notes for coding/editing/tools/config

And util/hacky/useful links would be good.

First off, notes and references for c

winNT tools

Cygnus/ cygwin/ faq
support-faq sourceware report (software)


Red Hat cygwin/ faq GNU tools ported to windoze. To install download and run setup.exe. Select packages (some of these are optional depending on what cygwin is wanted for). This selection allows development with cygwin and tools which are useful for much more than just X client/server. Run the setup at any time to install/uninstall more packages or update. If upgrading from previous versions of cygwin watch out for references to //c/ etc (old depricated mount point for hard drive c). Particularily check /etc/passwd and old symbolic links/mounts. Makes any file access e.g. ls very slow as //c/ queries windows network for machine called c and fails.

Get and install xwinclip seperately

Change shortcut/menu bar to start cygwin in an rxvt as follows. (was run D:\Cygwin\cygwin.bat which ran bash --login -i rxvt gives proper scrolling, cut&paste, better terminal functionality than msdos terminal.

D:\Cygwin\usr\bin\rxvt.exe -fg yellow -bg darkgreen -sl 2000 -e D:\Cygwin\bin\bash.exe -rcfile d:/Cygwin/.bashrc
in the .bashrc put the following:
echo ~/.bashrc

# Start the X Server.
XWin &

#wait for X to initialise
  while [ `grep winScreenInit /tmp/XWin.log | wc -l` -lt 1 ]
    echo waiting for x server to init ...
    sleep 1
  echo X server connected


xwinclip &
# Start the window manager.
#twm &
fvwm2 &
# Set a background color to hide that nasty X stipple.
xsetroot -solid aquamarine4
# Start a cygwin xterm
xterm -sl 1000 -sb -rightbar -ms red -fg yellow -bg black -e /usr/bin/bash &

xhost +
xterm -fg yellow -bg navy -sl 12000 -e /bin/telnet armagh.leop.s3group.com &

Testing (with twm) (linux=armagh, solaris=audi)

xmodmap get from linux e.g. /usr/share/xmodmap/xmodmap.gb /usr/share/xmodmap/xmodmap.uk Works ... but I have found xterms started from xterm in X revert to not understanding keyboard again? Also keys - particularily emacs Ctrl-W is hijacked somewhere probably in .fvwm2rc

Other window managers might be useful. See .fvwm2rc-npapi in /home/jamesco/bin fvwm icewm-cygwin To start x can also put shortcut to /usr/bin/startxwin.bat on desktop, or call it from .bashrc but all changes in one .bashrc is easier to manage for multiple pcs. Can also do XWin -query saab to start full xdm session (don't need to worry about xhost + issues)

Setting up X client/server. XFree86 cygwin home USers guide startxwin.bat
Cygwin packages Posix windoze libraries, unix shells csh/sh/bash/txsh/.., tools grep/awk/ls/perl..., gcc/make. Altera nios32 cpu development environment, Palmos development tools. XFree86 Xclient/server.




mail servers lusk, headyin, porsche
imap v4


Handy UNIX references


fork, signals

socket TIME_WAIT info


GNU ports to winNT.

Red Hat Cygnus cygwin faq faq sourceware

Port numbers & Services

see rfc1010 for port number info. e.g. 53 is DNS, 143 imap2, cmip manager/agent 163/164 google/search ?q=X+port+number or ?q= cache rfc1700 rfc822
Socket notes UNIX Socket FAQ
Unix programming notes

Internetworking Technology Overview from Cisco


is puzzling RFC882 RFC883 in.named RFC1034 RFC1035 Port numbers: RFC1010 port 53 - DNS

Internetworking Technology Overview from Cisco


setup on zeus, ~/.dt/dtwmrc


perlMonks Tutorials


rfc2068 HTTP/1.1


XHTML 1.0 WDG html validator DOCTYPE
web page link validator: v/cobh.html
As I edit html mostly by hand (bl&&dy luddite!) or script I prefer to be able to do bad things syntatically sometimes. So ... sorry, but. v/cobh.html v/index.html
HTML Guide netscape tag reference Meta tag HTTP-EQUIV htmlhelp.com/ reference/ html4.0
webmonkey, the web developers resource. html html colour chars
hex colours


Html 4.0 Char Entity Refs | Adding Unicode characters to Web pages
unicode.org/charts/ ‘ ´ ¾ È Ê Ô μ ⊆ Runic Unicode A0;A9;A9;D2;A8;B1;


manuals & references available from developer.netscape.com
wp.netscape.com mozilla 3.0 javascript handbook ALL the rest of em gebroken JavaScript manual index JavaScript manual DevEdge Online - JavaScript Developer Central Documentation: HTML DevEdge Online - Sample Code, Access & Manuals For Developers

Java/Javascript references from Sun/Netscape: JavaScript Guide (older - mozilla/netscape 3.0) search?Javascript+Guide



Java from sun. dev.java.sun.com docs jdk 1.1 api Language Spec developer.javasoft.com new2java techtips oreilly/java/ qref google?q=java+quick+reference QUICK

Go Ahead

Royalty free open source webserver.


Netscape Browser Manuals
deployment jsprefs comm line options up


faq music in brain


TMN at broadcom