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end 2006

2006 Halloween and nearly Christmas
Mary's photos

Jul/Aug 2005 - Family, Weddings, House, Motorbike

aug2005/thumbs/dsc00001.jpg House Building and ... [ 13 images ]
aug2005/thumbs/dsc00007.jpg Mary and Eoghan's Wedding - Jul 2005 [ 15 images ]
aug2005/thumbs/dsc00012.jpg Robbie and Sandra's wedding [ 9 images ]

Apr and Mar 2005

snow yuki neige sneachta neve white stuff
Waider's Mum was at my Mum's flower demo: flower arrangment
New baby Maeve Maeve and Fionnuala come home from hospital more of family and Maeve at home

Sep - Dec 2004

us in Glencree and visiting places and creche and school Christmas plays/concert.
Doolin office shots, halloween, food

July 2004

Bill and piano
Mary's photos from travelling in Canada
Sheila's House Warming and Birthday party in Ballina

June 2004

Wedding of Aedin and Paul
Sheila's tomato plants growing up
Mugshot spree in work

May 2004

Windsurfing in Belmullet and visiting Sheila in Ballina. - not yet
Aedin's hen, brunch/BBQ our house, then quadbiking
to the beach with Mike & Stella
Bill has hair!!

Spring 2004

Daire's birthday party and a bit before and afterwards.

mixed photos from March On a walk to Larch Hill we find ropes to swing from.
We go up the sugarloaf and take Conor.
St. Paddies day parade in Dublin and Kilmainham.
office gets painted
extension to our house

BIG Malaysia Australia holiday, Dec 2003 - Jan 2004

Malaysia Nov 30 2003 - Dec 19 (and 12 hrs in KLIA Jan 8 2004)

Australia Dec 20 2003 - Jan 8 2004

John and Carly's Wedding in Australia

Our own wedding

We didn't wield cameras ourselves so we still don't have too many photos on the web. But some from friends are here: James & Fionnuala's wedding

Lucia's and Paul's wedding, Sep 2003

Visit of John, Carly & Mary to Dublin, Sep 2003

Kate and Daire up to their usual tricks.

May 2003

Blue tit in rowan just flown nest may 29, Daire & Kate earlier in month.

March 2003

All march 2003 photos in one page here.

DaireAndKateInGardenInLimerick KateSplashSplashInGardenInLimerick DaireBeachCastlegregory KatePoutBeachCastlegregory SkateKate PaulineInPink

Walking on the sugarloaf. snack break half way up, oh look! a helicopter, Fionn & Daire & Kate

Visit to Cobh at Easter Much fun playing at the new beach. Great fun easter egg hunting.

Older photos, Daire (5 years) and Kate (14 months).

Photos edited & manipulated with help of gimp, photoshop, ImageMagick (for cygwin), cygwin (bash script) and unfortunately microsoft :( but occasionally red-hat linux

Now I remember why bat files are painful: genhtmlf.bat (generate html files for viewing photos in a directory)
bash is better: genthumbs (generate thumbnails (with help of ImageMagick) and thumbnails.html on files or directory containing files) with a helper for drag & dropping in windows: genthumbs.bat For any unix (or ALSO if you have bash on Cygwin on Windoze) try
and NEW in! jul 2004 can be run twice, thrice, more times and skips existing thumbnails. nicer. And a plan to help orienting images and captioning them started.