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Now I'm working with a slightly mad Italian outfit. CommProve Quality and Protocol decode/analysis for mobile operators. Working on software that receives all network traffic that is extracted by probes that sit in the operator's network. UMTS At the moment (Jun 2006) finished loads of work decoding IuPS and element/user correlations. It's running in the field in Italy. hand decoding ASN.1 PER aligned for RANAP (3GPP 25.413) is fun. Especially the sequences in the sequences in the sequences in RAB-Assignment SetupOrModify. Remind me to blog about that sometime. :)
june 2005 CV: pdf| html| sxw| doc

2003-2005 I worked for Doolin Technologies. Lovely gang of people here. I really liked it. Linux server and transaction terminal software development. Much scripting in perl. Mush messing with php, javascript, html, linux server messing. linux c daemons, retail transaction services, sms engine, service/app software. Good fun.

Sep 2002 myself and more than half of our dept in S3 (only 4 people left to keep going with our project!) got left go. Big change for me. I took a break minding kids, windsurfing, playing with computer at home. Daire just started school that September and Fionn just back to work (after maternity and career break having Kate) 2 weeks after I got left go. Looked for work maybe one day a week for a while. After nearly year looked more seriously, Kate back to creche,

I've done a little work from home also (besides for pure fun!) - mostly web development. Thinking of starting own business getting people's computers to be useful for them. However that would require much more dealing with people and practically no technical messing which I like. Perhaps if I ever get time would like to develop software design and test and deploy services from home. And also combine with tailor apps and distros & open source contribute. Hmmmm. we'll see.

I worked for S3 for 8 years. Loads of lovely technical work. Programming & scripting & testing & debugging. Embedded & more. Embedded development & telecomms (from embedded devices to base stations to telecomms servers) some unix server development, windows development, also web frontend and backend (mostly perl). I like messing with computers so in general am happy when I can do just that.

Ideally I would like to do some research and maybe PhD as well, ... sometime. I have far too broad an interest in all subjects scientific and technical and natural. So what to choose as a topic I would like to study. hmmmm.

Below are some technical notes ... in no way comprehensive, but useful to me:

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