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Model planes, hotairballoons, kites, free flight. Fun things. There's just something so satisfying about things sailing through the air.

Free flight is the art of making very light model planes & flying them. At the moment I manage to fly kites on occasion, no place to fly free flight models :-(. Ahh well. In front of our house whe have a lovely large clear green. Perfect kite flying territory. We've also noticed that if we go out flying a kite ... then others get braver and follow. Yayy. If we ever manage to get a club together it might be fun.

Our kites:

I did loads of messing and I really like kites but I'm only at the stage of wanting to do more and I hadn't even flown a kite for a whole year a short enough while back. Fionnuala brought some ripstop nylon back from Edinburgh a coupla years back and I used the sewing machine this year so hopefully I'll combine the two and end up with something interesting (and not fingers sewn to table!!!).

For now the rest of this is just a collection of links:


newsgroup rec.kites seems to be much more friendly than many newsgroups. html and comp.anything seem to have LOADs of both clueless newbie and sarcastic troll/flamers.
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tinfoil kites (and tails) on radar for mountain safety or UFO fun ... lightning? :-O flowform kite, Carl Crowell's design needs drogue two line parafoil in the plans section.
Mr. Wardley seems to know a thing or two about bridles, or Andy Wardley. reason? well some days, I just like to lie on the ground looking at the kite flying (its very relaxing, like fishing) and otherdays I want to chase small dogs around the field ;-)

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