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Once upon a time ..... a small boy found a small orange paperback in his school library. (Roger Harbin I think) Origami. Paperfolding. Looked very interesting. A lovely collection of models. For about a month I think I had this book and made almost all of the models. Learning some of them. The sampan and gondola/chinese junk were favourites, as is the traditional waterbomb. The frog and crane/flapping swan too.

Next encounter in 1994/1995 in S3. The origami mailing list and some related sites on ftp had a collection of models. I relearned some old ones and found Modular origami Max Plank's "Penultimate Module" (for making dodecahedron). So I basked in minor infamy as the person who makes those cool things from postits.
The origami mailing list is very busy these days. Hard to keep up. Good though ... many of the people on there are the authors and current origami masters.

During a visit to Japan I picked up Kuniko Kasahara's Origami for Conniseurs. Lovely book. Favourite model (excluding modulars) is the tricky rose. Lucia and myself spent a while figuring it out and then making smaller and smaller and even smaller roses.

Now I practice on occasion, ... and have some more books ... I've far too little time to spend on origami but I think I'll wait till Daire exits "paper --- autodestruct sequence ON" mode before doing much. On occasion origami skills are called upon and resurrected from memory with sometimes difficulty. But nothing beats a good fold every so often.

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