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Images from www.weatheronline.co.uk Dublin wind today or wetteronline history of wind
Dublin wind today data possibly from Dublin airport.
GOOD: theyr (was euroseek) weather tools
Sailing forecast for Ireland
Met Eireann's sea area forecast for next 12/24 hours and Atlantic charts isobars today
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s3windsurfing@egroups.com More or Less - pictures & names Ken McCullagh, Ben George goopers

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Irish Marine Institute Marine Times newsletter Inland waterways of ireland

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Malahide Directions from Ken:

Zagato's wsurf spots, Ireland
Malahide Dinghy Club (not the Sutton Dinghy Club).
From Malahide to Kilkrea (near Donabate) (on the north side of the estuary) From Dublin, head out the M1/N1, at Swords go straight through every roundabout (about 5/6?) then carry on another bit until you encounter the turn-off to the right for Donabate. From Malahide to the N1 is a bit tricky sometimes, follow the directions with the blue dots till you get to the N1. Then there's a sign about a mile up on the right indicating a right turn to Donabate, (and Portrane I think) Take this road, and follow it for about 3 miles. There's a right turn on a bend - signposted to Kilcrea - go all the way down here - it's a lane more than a road.

Poolbeg/Ringsend Directions:

Inaccessible until December 2001
Dublin bay project Ringsend Wastewater (Sewage) Treatment Plant Definately open January 2003

I think it is good in South or Easterly winds. Winds from West are kindof offshore but can be okay. The beach is quite flat so check the tides!

To get there from South Dublin head for the East-link toll-bridge (follow airport signs), You want to head towards the ESB generating station so at the roundabout where you go left for the East-link take a right towards the pair of big red/white chimneys. Drive out there until you're past the chimneys. Pick one of the beaches closest to water ... if you keep driving there are several small beaches to launch from. Drive out to the second last parking spot is best. The last parking spot is right by the south harbour wall. The second last is near a bit of beach which is still beach at high tide! Not too far to walk at low tide though it's a longish walk to water if the tide is all the way out.

The seafront is a series of L shaped beaches ... handy as every so often there's a bit of sand to land or launch from at high tide. At low tide we carried gear down rocks closer to water and drove car a little bit down the road to the beach afterwards. The tide was half-way in when we arrived and full when we were packing up. You wouldn't want to either launch or come in with the tide full out ... there's quite a lot of beach to cover. The beach is quite flat so we were able to go quite far and still stand up when falling off.

Waves vary very much ... they can really be rising and breaking as there is so much shallow water.

How Tides Work

What is really interesting is when you look at the methods of calculating tides with the buckets of harmonic variables. Why is it so complex? As the water is pulled about - close to land currents vary much more causing some areas to have earlier/later tides - with sometimes quite a delay or even tide effect which appears to be opposite to the moon's cycle. The oceans slosh around, running into the channels around the coast - Irish sea, english channel, north sea. I would love to see an animation of this effect. Hmmmm >;) US Military, Tides & Tidal currents

search tides Google

Tides, the Earth, the Moon, and why our days are getting longer (leap seconds): Badastronomy Gravity applications - tides
Comprehensive Luna (nuthin on tides tho) The Quoddy Loop an area of high tidal activity; Whirlpools, reversing waterfalls, over 50ft tidal differences sometimes. In Eastport, Maine/Canada/somewhere. Canadian Tide&Current info
Lunar tides - good, getting into spring/neap tides, ocean friction, ... area harmonics constants used for tide prediction XTide FAQ Canadian tide manual
Solar tides & sunspots caused maybe by Venus-Earth-Jupiter heliocentric syzygies. Yes, ... syzygy, cool word huh?


World tide & current predictor (XTide with www interface)
windoze tide¤t predictor worldwide data uk&irl (lat/long)
US NOAA opsd.nos.noaa.gov tide-predict faq - predicting info
marineweather.com Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services (CO-OPS) NOAA tides (USA)


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