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Content in these pages is my diary, links to my more current blog and collected content on things that are of interest to me. These pages are very much old-style web pages. i.e. a bit of a mess of waffle. Old and unmaintained stuff. Experiments. Sorry. Google will hopefully help people pick out nuggets of information from all the guff.

I'm trying to dump all the contents of my brain onto these (and other) internet pages but I find the baud rate on my nerual->finger->keyboard->internet connection is terrible and my brain capacity is so huge (of course) that it's going slowly. Maybe I could summarise a few things that might be half interesting/useful to people and leave it at that?


Work. I play with computers and software. CommProve Doolin S3 Analog Devices UL Farm

Philosophy freedom green open source politics responsibility morals

Computers: palmVx. Tungsten. Treo. nokia E65 Commodore 64. Amstrad 6128. Uni; VAX, PCs (8080 286 386 486) Linux: RedHat, SuSE, Ubuntu c, C++, linux, perl, python, bash, html, javascript, java. nose

I actually do a fair amount of STUFF. There's never enough time. windsurfing. I kite and practice origami. I look at astronomy And of course living vicariously through the kids.

music harmonica

kitchen experiments house garden


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    Bill Coleman music.

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I am somewhat embarrassed (shhh! don't tell all my facebook friends) to admit I am now a facebook user! :-7 My excuse is that it's a great way to keep in contact with family in Australia. And share friendy/feedy/bloggy info with a group of people. And after using it (immediately and confirmed opinion after a few months) I'm of the opinion it's quite a good implementation of aggregation of blog + photos + friendy messaging.

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Page setup January 1998, updated sporadically (last July 2004Mar 2009).

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