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Right, ... time to kill animated gifs and stuff. tidy .... tidy ... tidy ..... tidy ..... chop .... chop .... chop ..... I ....... I ...... EGO ...... I ..... ME ........
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Family: Fionnuala is my loving & much loved partner. We're not too long married. 30/Sep/2003. We've now three children Daire (8 years) and Kate (4-and-a-half5) and Maeve (nearly 2). Some not too out-of-date photos here. I grew up on a farm on the back of Great Island, Cork near Cobh. I went to Uni of Limerick and from there to Dublin to Silicon & Software Systems (S3). Then Doolin Technologies and now CommProve. Dad is still farming at a furious pace - the cows (dairy) and daffodils keep him occupied. Mum & Dad are both battling & conquering windoze, email and other assorted software Kingswood farm packages & Daffodil counter. I've given up on daffodil counter for the moment :( No time to go try and find reliable automated method of counting things. John mechanicalish/building engineer type in Cork. Engaged to Carly and wedding planned for Dec 2004 in Sydney, (yup, Sydney Australia). Photos of Engagment party Nov 2002 Bill (and Pauline was) working in Posterscope in Dublin centre. Mary was in UCC doing something like environmental science. Then working on some projects with marine mammals in Mayo. And in between travelling and visiting turtle projects. Now in Marine Institute in Galway.

    Bill is also well into music and launching his first CD.
    older photos from Thur Oct 17 2005 in the Stag's head.

I & we've visited some places. We have.

Waider says: Muahahahah! Oh great and magnanimous waidersrv, ..... w

Mike's another good friend & mad hacker will get linux installed on anything. Stella is Mike's girlfriend. We went to see Ced & Stella's Jacques Brel show recently. Jacques Brel is not quite my thing but this show's theatrical side makes it an excellent experience. Currently touring Ireland & Italy & South Africa.

Doolin people are VERY geeky. Waider has already been mentioned. Kathryn is our development manager and verily experienced developer, Kevin is our lead developer, I haven't quite found others web pages/blogs/... yet. Aimee hasn't quite got her page up yet. here's Rod checkout beautiful clicky map of walk in wicklow

I do software, ... on occasion ... once we've managed to produce buckets of documents and apparently agree on things. Anyway. I work :). I used play with software, ... well, I still do ... it's fun. (I know, sad ... SAD) Torture of javaScript torturing electronics, computers (and - indirectly - people) More Torture of javaScript - Life torture of applets & GIS data weather-server torture Do the nose thing.

How To Become A Hacker FAQ |hack note stuff |Bizarre stuff (science/make&do)
recent hacks :)

Compuuutah: I havehad a lovely palmVx. I likekilled it :(. I killed my PalmIII's screen twice and then I had a Palm Vx. And now I have a Tungsten. I hack on it, write small programs, record diary, play tweedly music or games. Now I think I want an android phone to play with. I have a nokia E65 horrrrendous for a fussy techie person to use :) We like playing with python but symbian's cert signing is painful.

I encountered Commodore 64s first at school. Then we had one at home and I ATE the manual. Next was Amstrad 6128. Lovely thing. 3.5\" disk drive ruled! :) Then off to college to experience VAX and 8080 PCs. In 4 years UL managed to go from 8080s with two 5.25\" fdds to 486s ... wow. That was 1990 to 1994. When I find time I play with lots ... including java, linux, perl, ... and of course reading slashdot/science news/ is much fun. In work play is with unix servers and windows mostly. When I find time I play with lots ... c, java, linux, perl, html.

I actually do a fair amount of STUFF. There's never enough time ... but sure what can we do huh? I would like to do EVERYTHING I like ALOT and even become really good at it. I guess I might attain competence and perhaps even expertese in things when I'm an octogenarian maybe. Right. We hike a bit, and even climb sometimes on the wussy Irish hills. :) I'm starting to get the hang of windsurfing. I kite and practice origami. I look at stars & planets & such when the sky is dark.

Fionnuala bought a guitar. And of course I mess with everything ... so I'm afraid this hack out of guitar fretboard notes was inevitable. My brother Bill and assorted cousins can actually play (& even sing on occasion too). Recently collected some harmonica info for doul Bill. Go awhn Robbie Hamilton good man! :)

I cook. With mainly yummy, sometimes delicious, on occasion inedible consequences. Fionnuala cooks with a different style and does Indian food and dishes which hold delicate flavouring most excellently - much better than I can. The cooking and gardening often turns into semi-experimentation. Typical! Bloody engineer, huh? We grow things and on occasion eat them too. I battle slugs & snails throughout spring and summer. No slugtox ... slugtox bad for the birds. Beer traps and squishing. Squish a snail/slug and leave him. In a few hours there will be a few snails/slugs munching on him! Thyme, fennel, nastursiums, marigolds and angelica grow very happily but our 15-year-building-site packed ground underneath is not kind to some plants. That & the slugs.

I read. Science fiction, fantasy and a bit of everything else. Clive Barker, Ian Banks, Tolkien, Pratchett, Oscar Wilde, T.S. Eliot, Stephen Donaldson, Leslie Thomas, Neal Stephenson ....

I would cycle everywhere if I could carry Fionnuala, Daire and Kate on my bike. I did settle happily for cycling over rough field/motorway building site to work every day until the motorway started appearing! I have to scare the traffic on the roads now every morning instead. My bike is heavyish, a bit Dutch, green saddlebags and Daire's bike seat on back.

I play some _conventional_ sports. Badly mostly. softball, football.

Do I have a LIFE?

Page setup January 1998, updated sporadically (last July 2004Mar 2009)

I tried to dump all the contents of my brain onto the internet page but I find the baud rate on my nerual->finger->keyboard->internet connection is terrible and my brain capacity is so huge (of course) that it's going slowly and maybe I should consider not dumping the whole of it on the internet (as then also people might find the internet going alot slower too!). Maybe I could summarise a few things that might be half interesting/useful to people and leave it at that?
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I am somewhat embarrassed to admit I am now a facebook user! :-7 My excuse is that it's a great way to keep in contact with John in Australia. And share friendy/feedy/bloggy info with a group of people. And after using it (immediately and confirmed opinion after a few months) I'm of the opinion it's quite a good implementation of aggregation of blog + photos + friendy messaging.

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